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The main target of ACube Systems is to create and promote innovative products in the hardware and software fields thanks to an in-house research and development team supported by collaborations with some well-known Italian and international teams.

ACube Systems S.r.l. started in january 2007 from the synergy of three important Italian companies and one passionate individual.

Alternative Holding Group Srl, Soft3 and Virtual Works have been engaged in the fields of the sale, distribution and engineering of hardware and software for mainstream systems and alternative platforms for years. With Philippe Ferrucci, they have joined their efforts in the realization of the Sam440ep platform creating a company that will manage the project design, the production and the commercialization of this innovative product.

All four entities will continue their own independent activity, supplying at the same time know-how and support to the new company.


At ACube Systems we are doing our best to ensure our products are built following high quality standards and fair social criterias. For this reason we are committed to keep the whole development process in Italy.

We are proud to work with our European partners and deliver worldwide.


If you encounter problems with your orders and PayPal payments, please contact us at [email protected]

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