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AmigaOne 500
  • AmigaOne 500
  • AmigaOne 500

AmigaOne 500

Sam460cr 1.10 Ghz

+ AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition pre-installed (OEM license)

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If you want to run AmigaOS 4.1 and beyond then the AmigaOne 500 is your choice.

The AmigaOne 500 is the complete, ready to run solution for all Amiga users.

Built around the well known Sam460ex, the AmigaOne 500 will let you run AmigaOS 4.1 straight out of the box. No need to look for and install peripherals, no need to hassle with software installation procedure. Just plug your monitor, keyboard and mouse and press the power button to enter into the world of AmigaOS.

Just have fun. We take care of the rest.


A legacy from the past with a modern core

If you ever used the old Amiga 500 you will find that the new AmigaOne 500 takes this legacy to a new level: extra speed, modern interfaces (DDR2 memory, USB2, PCI Express, SATA2, Gigabit ethernet), faster graphics, the most up to date Amiga Operating System. These are just a few of the features you will get by purchasing the AmigaOne 500.


Also available with a 110V PSU. In this case, please specify it in the comment field in the checkout phase. Thank you.


If you want to get a refund of your AmigaOS license, please read this PDF file.

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