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Uboot 2015.c Sam460 physical chip

U-boot 2015.c for Sam460 (all versions) and AmigaOne 500


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This is a list of what is new in this version:

- updated x86 emulator to initialize graphic card BIOS

- added support for Radeon RX cards (list of tested cards below)

- added FAT support

- fixed USB handling especially for keyboard support

- new boot logo and menu graphics

- fixed several typos


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Thank you.

In order to process your order

In order to send you the correct Uboot chip, We need to know the base clock of your board.

On some versions of U-Boot you can see the base clock in the System Information U-Boot menu (CLK freq).

If your Uboot doesn't display the CLK frequency, please run this AmigaOS4.1 'check_460_baseclock' utility.

You need to set the ‘E’ protection bit on the file, and then run it from a shell. It will report the CLK freq.

Give us your base clock so that we can send the correct chip to you.

Thank you.

About the installation

Note that you will have to remove the chip from its socket. The better solution would be to use such tool:

Extracting tool

Alternatively, you can use a paperclip bent on one end. It may not be as easy as the tool, but it can work.

Tested graphic cards


Radeon HD 3450, Sapphire, 256 MB DDR2, 0x95c5
Radeon HD 4350, Sapphire, 512 MB DDR2, 0x9552
Radeon HD 4650, Sapphire, 1 GB DDR2, 0x9498 * no vga
Radeon HD 5450, Sapphire, 1 GB DDR3, 0x68E1
Radeon HD 5570, Powercolor, 2 GB DDR3, 0x675f
Radeon HD 6450, Sapphire, 1 GB DDR3, 0x6779
Radeon HD 6570, Sapphire, 1 GB DDR3, 0x6759
Radeon HD 6670, Asus, 1 GB GDDR5, 0x6758
Radeon HD 7750, VTX, 1 GB DDR3, 0x683f
Radeon R7-240, Lenovo, 2 GB DDR3, 0x6611
Radeon R7-250, XFX, 1 GB DDR5, 0x6610
Radeon R7-250, Asus, 2 GB DDR5, 0x682B
Radeon RX 460, XFX, 2GB GDDR5, 0x67EF, 0xCF , polaris 11 * x86 emu set to medium
Radeon RX 550, Yeston, 4 GB GDDR5, 0x67FF, 0, polaris 11
Radeon RX 550, Phantom, 2 GB GDDR5, 0x699F, polaris 12
Radeon RX 550, Yeston, 4 GB GDDR5, 0x699F, 0, polaris 12
Radeon RX 550, Sapphire, 4 GB GDDR5, 0x699F, 0, polaris 12
Radeon RX 560, Asus, 4 GB GDDR5, 0x67FF, 0, polaris 11
Radeon RX 570, XFX, 4 GB GDDR5, 0x67DF, 0xEF, polaris 10
Radeon RX 570 Pulse, Sapphire, 4 GB GDDR5, 0x67DF, 0, polaris 10


Radeon 9000 PCI, ATI, 128 MB, 0x4966
Radeon HD 2400 Pro, Sapphire, 512 MB DDR2, 0x94C4
Radeon HD 5450 PCI, Sapphire, 1GB DDR3, 0x68E1

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